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In that sitaution, XDG_SESSION=x11, but QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland. I don't think this is right. Can someone explain? If you have to use Zoom, you probably are aware of the company's failure to plan for Wayland over the last 5 years. So, Zoom doesn't actually fully support Wayland , but it runs on both Xorg and Waylanduntil very recently. Feb 07, 2018 · Screen sharing support in. Qt info: Warning: Ignoring XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland on Gnome. Use QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland to run on Wayland anyway. mpv not found, reverting to mplayer Segmentation fault (core dumped) I tried using the following commands below, which I found on Anki Website as a possible Fix, and it did not work. I tried logging out, and back in and that did. Plasma is able to select the appropriate platform plugin based on XDG_SESSION_TYPE environment variable. Non-Plasma processes will use the default platform plugin. With Qt < 5.11 this is xcb, with Qt 5.11 this will most likely change to wayland. KDE's flatpak applications pick Wayland by default in a Wayland session and are unaffected by the.

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Replace custom_cursor_theme and custom_cursor_size.Adwaita and 24 are pretty much default on all Linux distros.. Troubleshooting Screen sharing does not work. Make sure the package gui-libs/xdg-desktop-portal-wlr is installed. By default, it is autostarted by D-Bus but it fails to run because it needs environment variables exported by Sway, and the D-Bus session is started before Sway. Hi! Thank you, Andreas and Oleg. Aside of additional services, this seems to be the way to get Weston with a minimum of stuff installed: --- (use-modules (gnu) (gnu packages freedesktop) ; for wayland (gnu packages xorg)) ; for xorg-server-xwayland (use-service-modules networking) (operating-system.

WAYLAND_DISPLAY The name of the display (socket) of an already running Wayland server, without the path. The directory path is always taken from XDG_RUNTIME_DIR. If WAYLAND_DISPLAY is not set, the socket name is "wayland-0". If WAYLAND_DISPLAY is already set, the default backend becomes wayland-backend.so. This allows launching Weston as a. export XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland export GDK_BACKEND=wayland export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland export MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 export CLUTTER_BACKEND=wayland export BEMENU_BACKEND=wayland. The Plasma Wayland session gained support for the "screencast session restore" protocol, which means that apps using XDG portals (such as Flatpaks and Snaps) which implement the protocol (such as OBS since version 27.2.0) won't have to ask for permission to restore the screen every time you launch them after you've granted it once (Aleix Pol Gonzalez, Plasma 5.25).

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The Wayland protocol does not allow window placement by the client (even in xdg-shell), by design. Weston just implements Wayland. Of course, if you're running XWayland (which is the case for you I guess), the X11 protocol is applied, but ultimately XWayland will disappear, it's just here to facilitate the transition to Wayland until all.

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